The Wealth21 globe was inspired by the ancient Armillary Sphere. Providing a skeletal coordinate system, external objects can be quantified and base positions can be established. The result provides order and uniformity to a system in continuous motion. 

The early Armillary Sphere provided a model based quantification using the earth as the centre of the universe. 

While seemingly quaint by 21st century knowledge the origin of the Sphere dates back to at least the 6th Century BC. The great minds of the past including Plato, Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, all used the Sphere as a base of fundamental understanding. A tool In constant development, today's knowledge base of geometry, astronomy, science and navigation rests on the Sphere's long and impressive record of achievement and understanding. 

The keystone of the Sphere is identifying the element at the centre and looking out, as it were. Whether it's a road, bridge, building or even a sustainable retirement income, a strong framework consisting of interconnected structural elements is necessary. Applying the strength of the Sphere to Wealth Management, it is the intersection of both quantifiable and qualifiable elements unique to each individual and his/her loved ones. This provides the strength of the financial framework. Personal financial peace of mind, is the prize.